The only way to explore the Western Bays of Lake Taupō is by boat.  Our Unique Adventurer trip offers you the opportunity to discover the towering cliffs, hidden ravines, waterfalls and sandy bays within the crystal clear waters that are just waiting to be discovered.


Whether you choose to hire a kayak or paddle-board or even bring your own, our adventurer trip is the ultimate fun, and spontaneous way to enjoy the Western Bays.


If kayaking or paddle-boarding are not your thing, just come exploring with us and let our skipper take you to a remote spot for a cooling swim or for the more adventurous at heart lets go climbing into a waterfall or idling up into a narrow ravine.


While this trip has been designed as a 2 1/2 hr return journey, customised trips are available on request to suit your interests and available time.

western bay adventurer


A note from the skipper

I think kiwis are adventurers at heart, I know I am. So when I had the chance to get a glimpse into the western bays of Lake Taupō , a place inaccessible to most, I fell in love. It's a place that seems untouched by human hand, and every time I visit, it feels as if I discover some new treasure. Whether it's a waterfall obscured by a rocky outcrop or bursting forth from a stream swollen by recent rain, only to disappear with dryer weather, or a ravine that I can nose the boat into to discover it's hidden secrets. Then there are the sites that I know of but still hold a sense of awe; towering cliffs that plummet hundreds of feet below the surface making you feel quite small, Sandy bottom bays with water so clear beneath the boat you just have to dive in.


I would love to share this special part of our beautiful lake, so we have put together an adventure that I enjoy, knowing if I enjoy it you will too. We leave Taupō township and skip across the water at around  fifty kph, hanging on as spray flies out the side of the boat catching you in the face if your in the wrong, or the right place (depending on your perspective) and head some thirty km into the western bays; this is quite a thrill on a rough day. Our first stop is to set free those who have chosen to kayak part of this amazing place. Then we continue our own journey of discovery, stopping part way through for a swim, a play on a paddle board, climb up into a hidden waterfall for those adventurous souls, or simply to enjoy the scenery over a cuppa and a bite to eat. Finally we meet up with our intrepid kayaker’s then race back across the lake, arriving back in the Taupō boat harbour 2 and half hours later, having traveled around sixty km and experienced some of the best of what Lake Taupō has to offer.

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