Kawakawa Bay

An adventure of contrasts; one end is a secluded bay with its sandy beach tucked inside rocky points out in the wilderness, the other, Kinloch, a thriving holiday settlement at the head of Whangamata bay. A place where you can enjoy an ice cream or a larte at the end of a long paddle.  In between is beautiful Kawakawa bay. It's a long sweeping beach, quite different from the rest of the Western Bays.  


In fact that's one of the Western Bays charms. It changes from one end to the other. Kawakawa Bay is slightly more accessible as there is a trail beginning in Kinloch that makes its way over the headland and down into Kawakawa bay. But to kayak around this headland and explore its rocky coast with its nooks and crannies is an experience not to be missed.

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