Flat Rock Café


There is a place along the way on this trip that has become a favourite of mine. A view shared by most when I take them there.
A corner of the lake, that from a distance, you could pass by not knowing it was something special.


In the corner of Tepapa bay, a stream bubbles out of the bush which touches the lake edge. Here, the rocky cliffs would reach well below the surface if not for this hidden stream. Over many years the stream has deposited enough sand to create an oasis just below the surface of fresh crystal clear water. And as if by design this hidden gem is flanked by, what looks like a purpose-built rocky shelf, prepared especially for you to pull your kayaks onto and enjoy a refreshing swim.  This shelf is known by some as Flat Rock Café.


This adventure begins at a beautiful secluded bay, makes its way along craggy rock faces topped with native bush and hidden inlets, then finishes at a long sandy beach at the base of a long valley reaching back into the bush-clad hills behind. A Sacred place.

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