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Ian and his wife Jill moved their family to the Lake Taupō region some twenty years ago. For Ian, moving here began a love affair that has deepened over the years. Twelve years ago he began working as a skipper on the lake and over that time he has discovered some of the more remote hidden gems, accessible only by boat out in what is referred to as the Western Bays of Lake Taupō.

The idea of transporting people and their toys (kayaks, fishing rods, paddleboards etc) began to take shape. Some three years on we are proud to launch our boat Taxicat. We are now able to transport you and your kayak into some of the most beautiful scenery for you to explore.


The Western Bays of Lake Taupō really is a very special place. From Waterfalls that tumble into the Lake, towering cliffs plummeting straight down into water hundreds of feet deep to secluded sandy bays and some of the purest water you will find, so clean you can literally drink what you are swimming in. These being just some of the treasures in this untouched wilderness that you can discover. There is also a place you can paddle up a stream leading to a waterfall cascading into a lagoon. Your own private oasis. Come to Taupō and let us get you there.